Oddvar Hollup

Professor Emeritus
Faculty of Humanities, Sports and Educational Science
Department of Culture, Religion and Social Studies
Campus Vestfold (C2-26)
Received my PhD. in Social Anthropology from University of Bergen, Norway in 1994. Professor in Social Science from 2003 and held a professorship in Development Studies at University of Agder, Norway (2006-2010). Carried out fieldwork and extensive research in Sri Lanka, Mauritius and India.


Master in Human Rights and Multiculturalism

Teaching, Supervision of students and responsible for Research Method module HRMC 700

International relations and Cooperation, 1 year advanced course, Study Coordinator.

Teaching classes in international relations, human rights, theory of development, international migration and cultural diversity.

Leader of Research group on gender and diversity in professions (teacher, nursing and social work).


Social Anthropology, Social Science, Qualitative Research Methods, Culture and identity, Multiculturalism, Development studies.


Hollup, O. (1998) The Impact of Land Reforms, Rural Images and Nationalist Ideology on Estate Tamils. In T. Bartholomeusz & C.R. de Silva (eds) Buddhist Fundamentalism and Minority Identities in Sri Lanka. State University of New York Press.

Hollup, O. (2000) Structural and sociocultural constraints for user-group participation in small-scale fisheries management in Mauritius. Marine Policy, 24:407-421.

Hollup, O. (2014) The impact of gender, culture and sexuality in Mauritian nursing. International Journal of Nursing Studies, vol. 51 (5).