Pål Augestad

Faculty of Humanities, Sports and Educational Science
Department of Sports, Physical Education and Outdoor Studies
Campus Bø ()


Pål Augestad (1963) is a sociologist and employed as a professor in sociology of sports at the Department of Sports, Physical Education and Outdoor Studies, USN. His research and publications can be divided into two main themes: I Historical-Sociological analyzes of body and movement cultures. II Sociological work on politics, society and top-level sport.


My last article is "Nature in the history of Physical Education and in the lives of Norwegians today" and it is written in the book "The Nordic Model and Physical Culture" from Routledge. This book will probably be availabel from december. The publication is already announced and the book presented at https://www.routledge.com/The-Nordic-Model-and-Physical-Culture-1st-Edition/Tin-Telseth-Tangen-Giulianotti/p/book/9780367335007.

Abstract: "Our image of nature is formed and transformed a number of times throughout history. This chapter will examine what role Physical Education (PE) played in the social construction of nature in Norway in the period 1889 to 1960. What view of nature was produced and instilled in Norwegian schools? Did changes occur in understanding and use of nature during this period? Are Norwegians' use of nature today shaped by concepts and practices that were created during this period? And can a survey of the historical establishment of Norwegians' relation to nature help us to understand the cultural basis of the Nordic welfare state model? Inspired by Michel Foucault's work, this chapter analyze how new discourses and practices change our gaze on nature. The goal of analyzing this era, in which Norway was transformed from a peasant community into a modern industrial society, is to find some keys that can help us understand Norwegians' relationship with nature today. The chapter will end with a discussion of this “relationship”."

Other relevant works in English language may include the following three articles:

Augestad, P. (2003). Architecture and the Education of the Body: The Gymnasium in Norwegian Physical Training 1889-1930. The International Journal of History of Sport, Vol 20 (3), p. 58-76.

Augestad, P.; N.A. Bergsgard; A.Ø. Hansen (2006). The Institutionalization of an Elite Sport Organization in Norway The case of Olympiatoppen. Sociology of Sport Journal 23 (3), p. 293-313.

Augestad, P. (2009. The power of nutrition: The role of diet in Elite Sport. Moving bodies - menneske i bevegelse, Volum 7(1), p. 27-44.