Rune Nygård

Assistant Professor

School of Business
Department of Business, History and Social Sciences
Campus Vestfold (C3-116)



Introduction to Accounting (REG1000)

Financial accounting and analysis (FIN1000)

Corporate Social responsibility, Accounting regulation & Business Models (OFF3000/RFF3000)


Years of experience as manager in the financial sector before joining academia in 2016. Responsibilities included revenue accounting, investment banking and compliance. Leadership experience form the Royal Norwegian Navy.  

Research areas:

  • Stakeholders’ awareness of, and interaction with, sustainable business initiatives in the Norwegian salmon farming industry.
  • Value relevance of fundamental accounting data.
  • Digitalization in the financial sector and auditing / accounting. Impact on business models.

Reviewer: Aquaculture Economics & Management



Masters degree in International Accounting (2004). Edith Cowan University. Perth, Western Australia.


Bård Misund and Rune Nygård, "Big Fish: Valuation of the World’s Largest Salmon Farming Companies," Marine Resource Economics 33, no. 3 (July 2018): 245-261.

Conference presentations: 'Big Fish': Valuation of the World's Largest Salmon Farming Companies: The International Institute of Fisheries Economics & Trade (IIFET), 2018, Seattle, US.