Walter Kibet Yego

Walter Kibet Yego

Ph.d Research Fellow

Faculty of Health and Social Sciences
Department of Optometry, Radiography and Lighting Design
Campus Kongsberg (5344 Geitetorget)


  • PhD Research Fellow 
  • Member of USN   I-Merse


Specialty areas:

  • Advanced clinical optometric procedures and management
  • Cornea and anterior eye disease detection and management
  • Specialty contact lens: corneal and scleral lenses
  • Vitro-retinal pathology

Area of ​​interest:

  • Visual perception 
  • Brain mechanisms in extended reality environments
  • Neurophysiology and psychophysics
  • Advances in neuro-optometry
  • Impact of technology on eye and vision
  • Medical retina



Kibet Yego W, Moodley VR. Visual Acuity and Refractive Error Improvement in Keratoconic Patients: A Low-Income Context Management Perspective. Clin Optom (Auckl). 2020 Aug 19; 12: 113-122. doi: 10.2147 / OPTO.S258905. PMID: 32884386; PMCID: PMC7443409.