Wanda Grimsgaard

USN School of Business
Department of Business, Strategy and Political Sciences
Campus Drammen (6402)
Professor of visual communication and graphic design. Core competence: Strategic development of design. Use of strategic design processes and design methodology for problem solving, business development, value creation and innovation in companies. Research area: The intersection between strategy and design. How to bridge strategy and design? Author of the book “Design and strategy. Processes and methods for strategic development of design” (2018), Cappelen Damm Akademisk (Norwegian language). Background: Many years of experience from the design industry through running a design agency in partnership with others and my own company. Has worked with start-ups, medium-sized companies and large well-known brand companies. The core business has been the development of identities for companies, products or services, with a focus on increasing knowledge and competitiveness. In addition to design activities, completed a number of courses, speeches, lectures and been an examiner for various design educations in Norway. Has been professionally involved through participation in various positions, councils and boards, including as chairman of the board of Grafill, Norwegian organization for visual communication (2008 - 2012), and deputy chairman of Kopinor's nomination committee (2012-2017). Employed in a 100% professorship at the University of Southeast Norway from 2012. Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/wanda-grimsgaard-4163b617/. Wikipedia: https://no.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wanda_Grimsgaard. Link to the book Design and Strategy: https://goo.gl/PnSZuZ Blog: https://designogstrategi.no/


Teaching areas:

Strategic design (15 p)
In this course for 2nd year Bachelor students in the study of visual communication, students learn about strategic development of design. Through a strategic design process, students work with the development of corporate identity and packaging design. The teaching takes place in two blocks of 3 weeks, full time.

Bachelor project (15 credits)
This project is a graduation project for 3rd year Bachelor students in the study of visual communication, where they work on a real design assignment for a company, an organization or a development project. The project period is three months, from January to March, full time.


Area of interests:

Strategic design development:
Strategic design can be explained as a way of developing and using design that is rooted in the company's overall strategy, and which should contribute to the company building position and reputation, achieving its goals and strengthening its competitiveness or other value creation. Strategic use of design can also be driven by a clear design ambition, ie design is part of the company's overall strategy.

Strategic design process:
A strategic design process includes strategy as part of the design development or solution process. In this context, we see design as problem solving, process and strategy, and not just design. A strategic design process includes the use of strategic and creative processes and methods across disciplines and professions.

Bridge strategy and design.
The challenge in strategic development of design is to link strategy and design.
The key lies at the intersection of the analytical and the creative.

Subject areas:

Corporate identity
User-centered design
Sustainable design
Design effect
Design thinking
Design practice
Design education
Design development
Design research
Design management
Design methods
Design methodology
Design processes
Design projects
Design strategy
Design theory
Ethical design
Business development
Graphic design
Identity design
Identity development
Communication strategy
Competitive strategy
Creative processes
Logo design
Brand strategy
Media and Communication
Brand building
Project management
Product and packaging design
Service design
Strategic design
Strategic communication
Strategic design development
Strategy development
Research and analysis
Visual communication




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