User account

Students and employees USN-account will be automatically created when registered as a student or employee. It must be activated before use.


Activate usera account
  1. Go to
  2. Click Activate / Update account and select Student or Employee
  3. Type in the following information to proceed
    • Students: National identity number + surname
    • International students: SO number (Norwegian national identity number) + surname
    • Employees: National identity number + surname
  4. You must approve the ICT regulations
  5. Create a password.

If you receive the error message "Your user account is not eligible for activation", it usually means that your user account is already activated. Please try resetting your password.

When your account has been activated, you will recive a e-mail with your username.

When can i activate my account?
  • Students

    User accounts are automatically created when they receive a student number and are activated in the student register (FS). The main recording takes place approx. August 1 each year and it will then be possible to activate the user account.
    Students are also admitted at other times, such as an engineering pre-course (summer course). Those concerned will receive information directly from the study administration.

  • Employees

    User account is created as professionals in FS by the Section for payroll and personnel services. 

Forgotten password

Go to and click Forgotten password.


Phone number and/or a private e-mailaddress must be registered to use this feature.

  • Emloyees: If this is not registered, please contact IT-support to register this information.
  • Students: Phone number and private e-mail adress is automatically transferred from "Studentregisteret" and any changes must be updated in StudentWeb or at
Password rules

Your password must meet the following requirements:

  • Must be at least 16 characters long.

  • Passwords are case sensitive.

  • No character must be repeated sequentially more than 3 times.

  • Do not include parts of your name or username.

  • The password may contain letters, numbers and special characters.

  • Special national letters must not be used.

  • Examples of special characters ,;.:-_*!”#’%&/()<>^=?@$+\{|}~[]`

NB! Note that the keyboard position of special characters may vary with your selected keyboard language setting.

What username do I sign in with?

NB!: For students your studentnumber is used as your username.





Microsoft 365

Eduroam (WiFi)

Employees PC/Student PCs/Clasroom PCs (Printing account)


Printer, when activating your card


FEIDE services

This information applies to USN user accounts where you select the University of South-Eastern Norway as an affiliate when logging in via Feide.

One important site that gives you useful information about Feide is
This site is great for testing that everything is fine with your Feide account. 

In the “My info” tab, you will find all the information registered about you in ITs user database. 

The “Consent” tab gives you an overview of the Feide services you have logged into and accepted the transfer of data to. You can also withdraw consent for one or more services in this tab if you no longer need to log in to them. 

The “Services” tab provides an overview of the Feide services USN subscribes to.


If you want access to a Feide service that USN does not subscribe to, send an inquiry to Feel free to send with the link to the login page on the relevant service as this simplifies the processing of your request.


During 2023, USN will introduce strong authentication (two-factor login) on some Feide services. We started with Nettskjema on April 25. After the usual Feide login, an additional login window appears with two choices - Azure AD and ID-porten. Anyone can use Azure AD. This is the Microsoft account you use at USN, i.e. <username> Here you will occasionally be told to confirm login with the Authenticator app, such as when logging in to MS365 (Outlook, Teams, OneDrive, etc.). To be able to use ID-porten, you must have a Norwegian social security number and a BankID, MinID or Buypass ID. If you know that the Feide service you are going to log into requires strong authentication, then you can save some time by logging in directly via Azure ("Use work or school account") or ID-porten at the bottom of the first Feide login window. NB! If you have both an active student user account and an employee user account, you cannot use ID-porten when logging in to Feide!