Illustrasjon bærekraft

No-one knows exactly what the future holds, but we do know that it will be shaped by new knowledge.

The University of South-Eastern Norway (USN) is a hotbed of research and knowledge development. With this comes a responsibility to act as a driving force, both in the transition to a more sustainable society and in the work to reduce global greenhouse gas emissions.   

Most of our research is carried out by our specialist research teams, which steer the research-based development of welfare services, generating new products, services and business models for the benefit of people and the natural world.  

At the same time we provide our students with opportunities to apply their talents and shape their own futures. This is human sustainability in action.   

The challenges facing society today demand a productive dialogue between research and real-world application. Centres of education thus have a key role as drivers of collaboration, co-creation and societal development. USN aims to act as a focal point in our region for new ideas and solutions within our chosen fields, and to this end we regard both our students and employees as key resources.  

And while we are well aware of our distinctive character as a Norwegian institution, a global outlook is an integral part of USN’s cultural DNA. We develop concepts, ideas and solutions both locally and regionally, but always in collaboration with international expert centres, and at the forefront of leading research in the relevant fields.  

USN is also working to make education and research more accessible, and more relevant and interesting to a greater number of people. We know that more equal access to knowledge helps to break down social barriers and promotes opportunities for societal inclusion and participation. This is why we are eager to create arenas for dialogue, critical thinking and the dissemination of fact-based knowledge.  

Our contribution within sustainable social development