Nomination of exchange students

The nomination of exchange students is the first step for students from exchange partner institutions wishing to spend a semester or year at USN. The nomination process is designed to ensure that all exchange students will have a rewarding experience in Norway based on academic interests, goals and preparation.


Nominations must be submitted by the exchange coordinator/education abroad advisor at the sending institution on behalf of each student seeking an exchange placement.

1. USN international sends an e-mail with all necessary information regarding nominations and direct links to our nomination web in the first half of the semester:

  • Nomination for autumn semester opens March 1.
  • Nomination for spring semester opens September 1.

2. Please nominate your students through our online system within the following dates:

  • Normally April 15 for autumn semester (same as application deadline) 
  • October 15 for spring semester (same as application deadline)

Only students nominated through our online system will be processed for the online application. Nominations sent by e-mail will not be accepted.

3. Students will receive an automatic e-mail with all application information, once they are nominated by the partner, and may apply through our online system within April 15/October 15.

Please contact for further questions or if your institution has not received the information.

  • Erasmus+ & Online Learning Agreement(OLA): Students participating in the Erasmus exchange programme must use the standard Erasmus form from their home institution. We have not integrated Online Learning Agreement into our system, so we recommend that the student upload a copy of this Learning agreement to the application. Students and nominators will receive information on this per email.

  1. If students cannot use the Online Learning Agreement portal, we ask them to check if their home institution has implemented it yet. 

  2. Where to find responsible and contact person for OLA:
    Check the bottom of the program website the student is applying for.
    - The responsible person is the program coordinator
    - The contact person is the student adviser. 

  3. Students who are here for practice cannot use Online Learning Agreement. 

4. Student housing
All nominated exchange students must apply for student housing directly with SSN. This is a separate process from the student application process. We recommend exchange students apply for student housing by April 15 for autumn semester and October 15 for the spring semester.

5. Processing of the applications: Immediately after April 15/October 15, the applications are sent to each program and department for processing. All applications will be processed as soon as possible, but priority is given to non-EU students that need to apply for a residence permit for Norway. All other students can expect their letters of acceptance in approximately late May (for autumn semester) / November (for spring semester).

  • Non-EU citizens: Please note that all Non-EU citizens, including Non-EU students already studying in EU/EEA-countries, must apply for a residence permit for studying in Norway. The current fee for the application is NOK 5.400. In addition, these students must document finances/funding for NOK 13.800 per month (NOK 68 950 for the autumn semester and NOK 82 740 for the spring semester). For detailed information about citizenship, please visit UDI


Please note - nominations for Clinical Placement Nursing:

The number of clinical placements for nursing students are extremely limited and placements cannot be guaranteed until the student has received an admission letter from USN that actually confirms the placement. The placements are within the municipal health service.


Online nominations

USN uses an online nomination system for all exchange partners. Please note that all the exchange students must be nominated through our online system. Nominations sent by e-mail will not be accepted.


Link to the Nomination Portal 

Our nomination portal is now closed and re-opens September 1st (at 9:00 CET) for our international partners.

Click here to access the Nomination system.


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