Peoples Future Lab - the first GNFR research project

Peoples future lab photo

The Association of Folk High Schools in Denmark (FFD) has initiated Peoples future lab where 11 schools are teamed up with 11 folk high schools from all over the world. By strengthening the folk high schools pedagogical praxis, develop the movements global connections and involved people’s engagement FFD wish to invigorate the movements role in the sustainable transition. Global Network for Folk high school Research has been engaged to conduct follow up research on Peoples future lab.

The Project Peoples future lab has three objective:


1)     Strengthen pedagogy within sustainable and global education.

  • Improve pedagogical praxis concerning sustainable education in 11 Danish folk high schools and 11 non-Danish folk high school-like organizations.
  • Strengthen teachers’ competencies within global education, sustainable education, and action learning.
  • Document the project focusing on lessons learned, to inspire the entire folk high school movement in Denmark and abroad and other educational institutions.

2)     Strengthen the global folk high school movement.

  • Strengthen Danish folk high schools' bilateral and equal relationships with folk high schools or folk high school-like organizations abroad.
  • Nourish and inspire the broader folk high school movement with global outlook through activity in the project.
  • Gain organizational experience with global folk high school collaboration for future collaboration.

3)     Strengthening people’s engagement in sustainable transition of societies.

  • Engage teachers and students at the 22 participating folk high schools.
  • Engage the 11 local communities in Denmark.
  • Engage stakeholders in Denmark (politicians and other educational institutions) and the wider public.

For more information see the projects website.