Our purpose is to establish good conditions for research on Norwegian and International Laws as well as facilitate different perspectives in legal thinking.

What are we researching?

The research group in Law conducts research in several of the traditional legal disciplines. The research group has expertise in labour law, legal economics, tax law, environmental law, international law and human rights and legal philosophy.

Our primary research areas

  • Real estate law
  • International law
  • Human rights
  • Environmental Law
  • Legal Economy
  • Tax Law
  • Philosophy of Law
Research partners and network
Projects and activities

Mixed Boundary Commissions 
Contact: Øystein Jensen

Law and society 
Contact: Alf Marcus Wiegaard

Collective decisions in law, law and legal economics 
Contact:Gunnar Nordén

Liability and Compensation Rules in the Marine Environment. A Public International Law Perspective 
Contact:Gunnar Nordén

Proof Standards in Collective Courts 
Contact:Gunnar Nordén


Group leader