Research in Arts and Design (RAAD)

Illustrasjonsbilde av mange touchskjermer som en dame berører

Our research group is concerned with visual communication, such as design, photography and didactics.

What is our research?

Research in Arts and Design (RAAD) study phenomena within visual communication, strategic design processes, sustainable design development, photography and the photography’s position in the arts and media.

How do we research?

The research group works within a wide range of production strategies that scopes from academic research to design and artistic development.

  • Art: Artistically motivated projects aiming towards recognized artistic publications, relevant conferences, and exhibitions.
  • Practice driven artistic research: Academic publications of projects and works combined with high level academic reflections.
  • Practice driven applied research: Publications based on applied research through ongoing projects within design, strategy and communication with high level academic reflections.
  • Didactic research and development:  Publishing of developments and analysis of didactic practices in relation to visual communication, and other educational practices in relation to creative professions.
  • Academic research: Research published in renowned journals within fields as design, strategy, branding, business development, communication, art and photography.

It is essential to our work to establish and develop strategies for artistic research within visual communication, design and didactics, this is accordingly an important activity besides research.

Projects and activities
  • Strategic design
  • Motivation and learning
  • Creative learning processes
  • Photography, documentation, and manipulation
  • Image use in news reporting
  • Philosophy of Photography
  • New technology and new medias