Industrial Ph.D. in Systems Engineering

University of South-Eastern Norway (USN) in Kongsberg is offering an industrial Ph.D. with Systems Engineering specialization.

The Norwegian Research Council finances 50 % of the standardized fellowship funding for an Industrial Ph.D., while the company pays for the remaining salary. The idea is that the scholar executes research while being employed in the company. The overall goal of the Industrial Ph.D. program, funded by the Norwegian Research Council, is to increase the number of researchers in industry, enhance long-term competence building and industrial research, and support cooperation between academia and the industry. Applicants for the Industrial Ph.D. program at USN must have a master’s degree in engineering or similar.

The industrial Ph.D. program has several similarities with the Industry-master’s program in Systems Engineering at USN. USN in collaboration with 50 industry partners has developed this successful master’s program where the students work 50 % and study 50% of the time. We are extending our success towards more Ph.D. scholars. USN can help with formalities related to the application of an Industrial Ph.D.

Contact info: or at USN.

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