Research within Systems Engineering

Subsea architecture

Cross-industry and cross-domain research supporting digitalization and sustainability

Research topics and domains

We strive to help our industry to create systems that are there for a purpose, and that creates values for the company as well as for people, our society, and the environment. Our staff is internationally recognized and nationally merited. We received the Quality Higher Education Award in 2019 by the Norwegian Ministry of Education.

Drivers for our research
  • Autonomous Systems
  • Digital transformation
  • Sustainable innovation
  • Systems of Systems
Qualities we strive for
  • Changeability
  • Trustworthiness
  • Human suitability
  • Sustainability
  • Maritime
  • Energy
  • Mobility
  • Defense
  • Aerospace
  • Urban/smart cities 
  • Health Care 

Research Topics includes System Architecture & Design, Design Thinking & Human-Centered Design, Requirements management, Robust Engineering & Technical Safety, Lifecycle analysis, use of Big Data and Machine Learning, Knowledge Management & Lean Product Development, and System Integration. 

Research  projects (funded)

H-SEIF 2 – Harvesting value from Big data and Digitalization

Project name: «H-SEIF 2 – Harvesting value from Big data and Digitalization through a Human Systems-Engineering Innovation Framework»

keyboard_backspace Website H-SEIF 2 project

Goal: Create a framework of tools and methods the companies can use to update their product development processes. The work is especially directed towards enabling the companies to take early decisions based on Big Data.
Support from NFR: 14 791 000 kr
Project Owner: Semcon
Contact USN: Professor Kristin Falk

Other academic partners:

Other partner companies:

DSYNE- Digital System Requirements for Natural Resources Engineering

Project name: DSYNE- Digital System Requirements for Natural Resources Engineering

It will promote research, education, and innovation activities needed to digitally transform how requirements are managed in large engineering projects.  Partners: UiO, USN, companies, and universities in Norway, Brasil, and the USA. 2020-2023. USN responsibility to create a course model on digital requirements.

Use of Automation Processes for Detection of Emergent Behavior

Project name: Use of Automation Processes for Detection of Emergent Behavior during Systems Integration Testing2

Industrial Ph.D. at Kongsberg Defence and Aerospace supported by RCN. 2021-2023

Vestsiden – Energy Management System

Project name: Vestsiden – Energy Management System

Kongsberg Kommune (2019-2020) 

Subsea Architecture

Project name: Subsea Architecture

Industrial PhD at TechnipFMC (2018-2021)


Automated Vehicles have the potential to significantly improve the competitivity of industrial park in a sustainable way. However, there are still considerable technical challenges that discourage companies to make significant investments in AVs. To overcome these challenges, the USN in collaboration with SEMCON AS are actively working on an industrial based project (the INSITUA) funded by Viken region. INSITUA project aims to develop a centralized system able to better integrate Automated Vehicles and human workers in industrial parks. INSITUA has the potential to support the Viken’s industrial advancement as well as achieve the carbon neutrality strategy of the region and Norway


Project name: BatNet- Norwegian Battery Packing Network

Goal: Ensure that Norway takes a position in the global battery value chain, and through this ensure a higher rate of change in the green shift.

Project period: 2022-2024

Budget: 135MNoK, 70MNoK public funding from Innovasjon Norge, Norsk Katapult, Forskningsrådet og SIVA

Project owner: Kongsberg Klyngen AS

Contact USN: Associate Professor Omid Razbani

Other academic partners: USN (Business School), SINTEF

Other partner companies:  Zero Emission Maritime, Nordic Batteries, Intek Engineering, Siemens Digital, TechnipFMC, Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace, Semcon, Kongsberg Terotech, Brødrene Aa, Moen Marine, Kongsberg Maritime, Beyonder, Freyr, Institutt for Energiteknikk, Manufacturing Technology – Norwegian Catapult Centre, Kongsberg Innovasjon

Link to project website

Completed research projects
  • Course in New Energy Systems
    (2019-2020, TechnipFMC, Subsea Valley, Kongsberg Innovasjon, Kongsberg Group, Buskerud Fylkeskommune)
  • Innovation with Empathy, Human Systems Engineering Innovation Framework (H-SEIF1)
    How can we systematically include human aspects in the early design of complex systems to realise innovations?
  • H-SEIF 1 booklet         H-SEIF 1 booklet at USN library
    (2017-2020, SEMCON, TechnipFMC, Kongsberg Innovation, Ulstein, USN, AHO, NTNU, Oslofjordfondet) 
  • Subsea Autonomy (2017, USN, NTNU, Markom 2020)
  • Autonom trykkstyring - Robust håndtering av gassutbrytning ved uoppdaget brønnspark under boreoperasjoner (2017-2019, Kelda, Oslofjordfondet)
  • KBD project (NFR)
  • Framing the Systems Engineering Innovation Platform
    (2016,USN, Semcon, Kongsberg Innovation, Oslofjordfondet)

Connecting academia and industry

Our Research Method is based on action research, specifically industry-as-laboratory. The reasons for using action research are the high level of practical relevance of the business, it can be used with qualitative data, and it helps to gain in-depth knowledge about the problem. The research is done in iterative cycles, where reflective practice plays a significant role.


Our core: connecting academia and industry