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Midwives in simulation

We research new methods to improve clinical practice and equip students to be better professional practitioners

Simulation or training of practical skills plays an ever increasing role in health professional education. In midwifery, simulation is an important aspect of the course. The staff includes clinical midwives who enhance learning by using new and advanced equipment to enable students to practice hands-on skills such as newborn resuscitation, breech birth, uterine rupture and caesarean section, before they encounter these challenging situations in clinical practice. At the Centre for Women’s, Family and Child Health, we conduct research into simulation as a method that assures the quality of the training of master’s degree students to cope with everyday clinical practice.


Linda Wike Ljungblad: The ResMid Study. Newborn Resuscitation in Midwifery education - A qualitative implementation study

The overall aim of this PhD project is to explore midwives’ experiences with newborn resuscitation and to prepare midwifery students for newborn resuscitation by developing and implementing a master’s degree programme in midwifery at USN.