Better vision for all

The centre’s goal is to create new knowledge to underpin vision care and clinical practice. We aim to protect visual health over the lifespan through early detection, timely referral and shared-care of eye diseases and conditions. We improve quality of life through research into vision rehabilitation and supporting services.


he centre’s research is focused on three programs: 1) Ocular structure and visual function, 2) Development of vision and oculomotor control and 3) Visual ergonomics, quality of life and shared-care. The Centre’s members contribute to ongoing research often in more than one area:

The eyes’ structures and visual function

  • The retina and visual function in health and disease
  • Visual optics: development of refractive error and accommodation
  • Anterior segment, contact lenses and dry eye

Development of vision and oculomotor control

  • Vision and learning

Visual ergonomics, quality of life and shared-care

  • Visual ergonomics, lighting and old age
  • Age, vision and mastery associated with neurological disease
  • Communication, shared-care and quality of life

    Low vision and vision rehabilitation

Scholarly work and innovation

The centre develops knowledge in areas related to the research programs, including mono- and interdisciplinary courses / subjects, both for continuing education and into the existing education programs. The centre also contributes to the development of knowledge and education in other countries.

The centre shall contribute to innovation of systems and services that help improve visual and lighting conditions, to ensure better quality of life for people with impaired vision. Innovation with regards to the development of new and more sensitive tests/methods to detect early changes in the eye and/or visual function.

Dissemination and clinical services

The centre acts as an advisory body for individuals, businesses, local authorities, consumer organizations, health and government.

The centre offers standard and specialised services in optics, vision and eye care. To get information about specialised services choose the service of interest below