Helle Kristine Falkenberg


Faculty of Health and Social Sciences
Department of Optometry, Radiography and Lighting Design
Campus Kongsberg (5319)
Falkenberg has a PhD in Vision Science from Glasgow Caledonian University, and she did a post-doc in vision rehabilitation at UCL, London. She trained and practiced as an optometrist in both Norway and the UK, and has worked in Norway since 2007. She has extensive experience in teaching and supervision of interdisciplinary undergraduate and post-graduate students, and for continuing education of students across professions and disciplines. Falkenberg was for 6.5 years the program director for the Nordic interdisciplinary Master in vision rehabilitation in collaboration with University of Gothenburg, the coordinator for the European Diploma of optometry and optics, and course coordinator in the Master in Optometry and Visual Science program. Falkenberg is a member of the National Center for Optics, Vision and Eye Care where she does research on interdisciplinary cooperation and knowledge translation regarding normal age-related vision changes and lighting, vision problems after stroke, visual perception and vision rehabilitation. She has secured funding for several research projects, including interdisciplinary knowledge translation projects on Vision in Stroke and has participated in several EU applications. She is the initiator and leader of the large interdisciplinary Norwegian Vision in Stroke (NorVIS) network. She has presented at several international conferences across disciplines. Her national and international networks are broad, within eye health, municipal and specialist health services, education and user organizations. Falkenberg is on the editorial board of the Scandinavian Journal of Optometry and Vision Science, a board member of the European Society of Low vision Research and Rehabilitation (ESLRR) council, and has participated in several international scientific committees. She is a member of the Norwegian optometry association and the UK College of Optometrists. She has been an advisor on several projects regarding vision in older adults, readability of digital interfaces and universal design. Falkenberg has extensive experience in local and national popular science dissemination, including national TV and radio.


  • Leader Norwegian Vision in Stroke (NorVIS) network synogslagnett.no
  • Member of USN research group Optics, vision and eye health
  • Campus Kongsberg representative in the USN research group USN EldreForsk 
  • Partner in Erasmus+ project Person-centredness in Healthcare Curricula 
  • Member program committee USN PhD in Person-oriented healthcare
  • Associate editor of Scandinavian Journal of Optometry and Vision Science


Area of interests: Vision, light and ageing, contrast sensitivity, vision ergonomics, motion perception, vision rehabilitation, knowledge translation & interdisciplinary collaboration, vision rehabilitation, ensory loss in ageing

Teaching areas: Visual Perception, Ageing and vision, Vision Rehabilitation, Age-related macular degeneration, Vision and stroke

Popular science: Helle K. Falkenberg – Powered by PechKucha: Du ser med hjernen.




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BOOK contribution:

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 MEDIA AND PUBLIC AWARENESS (Selection > 40 tv/radio/newspaper/ video/internet)

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