Completed PhDs in Person-Centred Healthcare

First Name Last Name Dissertation title Year
Hilde Hovda Midje Engagement in health and health in engagement: Examining the antecedents and outcomes of work engagement among nursing home staff. 2024
Kristin Hanoa "It's like dancing with the Devil." Exploring perspectives on risk, pleasure and overdose among people who inject drugs. 2024
Anna-Sabina Soggiu "Venner er kanskje litt overdrevent?": Samarbeid om Recovery-prosesser og kunnskapsutvikling i psykisk helsearbeid med ungdom. 2024
Therese Dwyer Løken The dynamics between policy and practice: A case study on the integration of municipal health and social care services for people with mental health and substance abuse challenges. 2024
Hugrun Ösp Egilsdottir Using mobile learning to enhance nursing students' competence and confidence in performing basic physical assessment skills: An exploratory sequential mixed methods study. 2024
Linda Wike Ljungblad Preparing midwifery students for newborn resuscitation: Stimulate-ventilate-collaborate. 2023
Anne Mette Høegh-Larsen Nursing students' development, transfer and assessment of professional competence and clinical judgment skills: A quantitative study. 2023
Kirsten Røland Byermoen Fit for practice: Exploring competence in physical assessment from the final educational year to two years as a newly graduated nurse: A qualitative study. 2023
Prabhjot Kour Through the eyes of immigrants and health professionals: Coping and treatment experiences of men of immigrant background living with co-occurring substance use and mental health problems in Norway. 2023
Enid Leren Myhre Development and testing of an online educational intervention in early labour care. 2023
Catherine Chilute Chilanga Appropriate medical imaging: Exploring radiographers' assessment of refferals. 2023
Kari Jokstad Brukermedvirkning i hverdagsrehabilitering. 2023
Ingrid Taylor Advanced practice nursing student's development of clinical competence - A Norwegian mixed-methods study. 2023
Vigdis Aaltvedt Virkelighetsforståelser og praksis - en kritisk diskursanalyse av tildelings- og tilretteleggingsprosessen for tjenester til hjemmeboende yngre personer med demens. 2023
Sabrina Krogh Schmidt Classroom-based physical activity as a means to promote health, well-being and learning in school. A study on health changes and students' and teachers' perspectives in secondary school. 2023
Erlend Rinke Maagerø-Bangstad Competence for bettered services: The outcomes of a commitment on competence development aimed at employees meeting threatening and violent users. 2022
Sigbjørn Litleskare Virtual green exercise - developing a new concept for health promotion 2022
Karianne Nyheim Stray Den norske arbeids- og velferdsforvaltningens (NAV) arbeid med oppfølging av sykmeldte arbeidstakere. Ny kontekst – nye roller? 2022
Lena Leren Background pain - A descriptive study of ulcer-related pain characteristics and management. 2022
Fiona Mary Flynn Promoting clinical excellence and patient safety in nurse anaesthesia education. 2022
Torgeir Solberg Mathisen Implementing structured vision assessment in stroke care services: The KROSS knowledge translation project. 2022
Randi Semb Mellom idealisme og realisme: Om fremming av samfunnstilhørighet for unge voksne med samtidige rus- og psykisk helseproblemer. 2022
Marit Müller De Bortoli Lifestyle, work ability and sick leave in a general Norwegian working population – a cohort study from Telemark. 2021
Lise Katrine Jepsen Trangsrud With Nature in Recovery: A Qualitative Exploration of Experiences With Nature and Friluftsliv in Everyday Life for Persons with Eating Disorders. 2021
Bjørn Gjerdrum Improvement in refractive precision for intraocular lens power calculations in patiens with a history of laser vision correction for myopia. 2021
Vibeke Narverud Nyborg Means or meaningful? – the historical construction of the patient concept in health professions’ education. 2021

Janne Herholdt


Co-creating digital transformation in care of older persons. A longitudinal mixed-methods study.


Lene Aarvelta


Refractive errors, ocular dimensions, and cone opsins in Norwegian adolescents.




Safe Maternity Care- the perspectives of childbearing women and healthcare professionals.


Hilde Røgeberg


The Retine in Congenital Aniridia - Structural, Functional and Genetic Variability.





On making the invisible visible. A qualitative study of care partners of older people with mental health problems and home care services.


Jill Britt-Marie


Nursing Intensity in Home Health Care.




Recovery in co-occurring mental health and substance use disorders: A qualitative study of first person and staff experiences.


Mona Elisabeth


Support as Possibility: Lived experiences of support in the lives of young persons with mental health problems: A hermeneutic phenomenological study.




Mobile radiography services in nursing homes – utilisation, costs and organisation.




Older persons’ worries expressed during home care and supportive communication – analysing audio-recorded visits.


Tone Langjordet


Work and Subjective Health Complaints – Exploring the role of knowledge, expectancies and social support.


Trude Klevan The importance of helpful help in mental health crises: Experiences, stories, and contexts - A qualitative exploration. 2017
Kristin Briseid On the old and the new: An ethnographic study of older people's mental health services in a changing welfare state. 2017


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