PhD programme in Person-Centred Healthcare

Person Person-Centred Healthcare. Word cloyd.

We offer a cross-disciplinary PhD programme in Person-Centred Healthcare. The aim of the programme is to educate for research aiming at producing new knowledge to develop and support person-centred healthcare practice, including health promotive, bio-medical, organizational and political preconditions for such practices. Candidates with external funding are welcome to apply.

Person-centred healthcare research

Person-centred healthcare research is research taking the needs and values of the individual person as point of departure, it be on individual, interdisciplinary or organizational and systems level.

Person-centred values and principles – like respect, autonomy, participation, justice, dignity, trust and patient safety and rights – are central to healthcare practice and policy. However, the fundamental principles of person-centeredness are constantly under pressure, due to a series of factors, like demography, organizational changes, implementation of ICT and a constant drive to improve efficiency and cost-effectiveness in the healthcare services. In this perspective, the aim of the PhD-program is to qualify for top-level research on different aspects of what the realization of person-centred principles and values in healthcare presupposes and implies.

Who can apply?

The primary target group of the PhD programme is candidates with projects on different levels concerning persons with long-term health needs and/or complex health conditions, like elders, persons with mental health or substance abuse problems, and younger persons with long-term conditions like dementia, visual impairment, stroke, chronic pain or diabetes.

International partners

We have agreements with four different institutions in Sweden, Lithuania, the U.K, and the U.S. which are especially relevant and designed for PhD cooperation at Faculty of Health Sciences. These institutions are chosen because there already were joint research projects in place and exchange of staff members. These institutions are:

Program summary

Duration: 3 years, fulltime
Language: English
Campus: Drammen, Kongsberg, Vestfold, Porsgrunn

About the program

Contact information

Program Director:
Professor Halvard Vike
Administrative coordinator:
Elin Nordbø

Research schools

Application information

Faculty research

Faculty of Health and Social Sciences
Researchers at the Faculty of Health Sciences


English: Regulations relating to the degree of PhD at USN
Norwegian: Forskrift om graden ph.d.