Programme committee for PhD in Person-centered Health Care

PhD programme committee for the PhD in Person-Centred Healthcare

Mandate for PhD Programme Committees at the University of South-Eastern Norway


  • Professor Halvard Vike, Department of Health, Social and Welfare Studies (leader)
  • Professor Grethe Eilertsen, Department of Nursing and Health Sciences  
  • Professor Mirjam Lukasse, Department of Nursing and Health Sciences  
  • Associated professor, Vibeke Sundling, Department of Optometry, Radiography and Lighting Design                      
  • PhD candidate Trude Helene Ellingsen, Department of Health, Social and Welfare Studies
  • PhD candidate Målfrid Kippenes, Department of Health, Social and Welfare Studies


Substitute members:

All members have been appointed by the Dean of the Faculty of Health and Social Sciences.

All documents must be sent to and 

The programme committee meets approximately once a month. Case documents and applications in all cases other than admission cases must be submitted no later than three weeks before the meetings are held. There are separate deadlines for applying for admission. The meetings are held on the following dates, with deadlines:

Meeting date      Deadline for submitting case                 

November 28     November 8

December 12      November 22

January 30         January 10

February 27        February 7

March 19            February 28

April 29              April 9        


In accordance with the programme committee's rules of procedure admission matters are dealt with at the committee's meetings in April and October, which have been submitted by end of March and end of September of the current semester, respectively. These meetings are reserved for admission matters. The applicant must have submitted all the necessary documents in accordance with regulations and PhD handbook before the application can be presented to the programme committee.

Application deadline for admission to the spring semester: 31 March.