Contacts at our PhD programmes

Every program has a Program director and a coordinator.

Program Program director Administrative coordinator
Culture Studies Lars Frers Jeanne Marie Schoenwandt
Marketing Management Kåre Sandvik Lene Koppangen
Applied Micro-and Nano-systems Per Alfred Øhlckers Aina Enstad
Nautical Operations Kenn Steger-Jensen Aina Enstad
Pedagogical resources and learning processes Thomas Moser Liv-Anne Haldaker
Person-centred Health Care Kirsti Skovdahl Elin Nordbø
Process, Energy and Automation Engineering Svein Thore Hagen

Siri Luise Tveitan

Ecology Andreas Zedrosser Ikumi Umetani


Contact in our reasearch department:  Helga Veronica Tinnesand.