[UDI] Do I need a study permit (student visa)?

Study permits for students from outside the EU/EEA area

The Norwegian Directorate of Immigration (UDI) - is the government authority responsible for issuing permits and visas to enter Norway.

If you are a student with a citizenship from outside the EU/EEA area, you must obtain a study permit before you arrive in Norway, regardless of the length of your stay. Please note: This also includes Non-EU/EEA citizens currently studying in EU/EEA countries. Students need to have a separate study permit studying in Norway when the stay is for more than 90 days.

As soon as you receive a letter of acceptance to study at University of South-Eastern Norway (USN), you should register your application online and make an appointment to the nearest Norwegian consular station (general) consulate or embassy) to hand in your documents. Before you arrive, you must ensure that you have all the correct documentation. You must have a valid passport and the passport should be valid for six months after your study period in Norway has expired.

It is essential that you apply for a study permit well ahead before your semester starts, as we cannot predict the processing time of UDI in these matters. It might take up to four months, as has been the latest experience. It is also important to bring the residence permit letter from UDI upon your arrival in Norway. 

You have to show the following documentation (if applicable):

  1. Confirmation of your ability to meet your living expenses. 
    Please note: SSN (the student welfare services) provides deposit accounts for international students, for disposal, for these matters.                                   
  2.  Confirmation of housing.
  3. Insurance: To apply for a visa and/or residence permit, you will also need to document the purchase of a travel insurance with medical coverage (health insurance). 
  4. Health insurance (before arrival).

The Norwegian consular station in your country will provide you with specific information if necessary.

Please note: '

  • Do not choose the option of asking USN for referral in your E-application. This will just delay your permit.
  • All documentation you bring with you to Norway should be the original documents or official copies.

Study permit renewal

You will need to get your study permit renewed each year or semester (depending on whether you are in Norway for a semester or a full year). This must be done before your current permit expires.

You can renew your study permit by submitting an application for renewal to the police where you live. In order to be entitled to stay on the same conditions until your application has been decided, you must apply at least one month before your first residence permit expires. Read more about this process

Please note: To renew your study permit, you need to book an appointment with the police. It may take months to get available time slots for renewing your visa at the local police station. Please take this into consideration and make plans well ahead to ensure the renewal of your residence permit in time. USN is unfortunately in no position to book a time slot or arrange group appointments for students who are about to renew their permits.

Information about family reunification for students from outside the EU/EEA

Please refer to UDI for all questions related to visa, study permits and family reunification.

Students from the EEA/EU Area

Students arriving from EEA member countries do not need a study permit to study in Norway.
Nevertheless, if your course of study is for three months or longer, you will need to register online at UDI.no https://selfservice.udi.no/ at the start of your semester in Norway.

Afterwards you need to visit the police station to identify yourself and present the documents that are relevant for your basis for residence.

Students from the Nordic Countries

If you are a citizen of another Nordic country (Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Iceland), you do not need a visa or study permit for educational purposes to study at USN.

Visa checklist:

Documents to be shown:

  • Documentation of subsistence
  • Letter of admission with housing confirmation
  • Travel insurance with medical coverage

More information at UDI's web page


Please refer to UDI for all questions related to visa, study permits and family reunification.

Please refer to SSN for all questions related to the payment and use of the deposit account.

Please refer to SSN housing services for all questions related to accommodation and housing contracts.