Do I need to have my own computer?

Yes, for teaching and digital examinations at USN, students are required to have their own laptop PC.

Some study programmes use special software, this may affect what kind of computer you need. Check with the faculty you are studying.

Requirements for digital school exam

You must have your own laptop computer (PC or Mac). Digital exam can not be performed with a tablet, hybrid PC or Chromebook. Remember to bring a charger and mouse.

Minimum requirements for laptop computer for use in teaching and school examinations

System requirements

  • PC: Windows 10
  • Mac: OS X 10.10 or later

Note: Some programmes at USN are based on Window Software, which means that when purchasing a Mac computer, a Windows installation must be established on the machine using Parallels, Oracle Virtualbox or similar systems that allow both Windows operating system and Mac operating system to be installed on the machine at the same time. Check with the faculty you are studying.

Processor Requirements (CPU)

  • Minimum i3 processor or equivalent
  • USN recommends: 4 cores (eg Core i5, AMD FX-8350 or equivalent)

Memory Requirements (RAM)

  • 8 GB - or more

Storage Requirements

  • 256GB HDD (preferably SSD)

Other minimum requirements

  • Integrated wireless network adapter

  • Latest version of recommended browsers: Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox

Requirements for laptop computer for online programmes

For online programmes, the minimum requirements mentioned earlier in the article, including the following minimum requirements:


  • In some programmes, an integrated webcam is approved, but we recommend external camera for better quality and more flexible use.
  • Integrated camera must be capable of delivering images in resolution 640x480 or higher
  • USN recommends: External HD-resolution USB camera
  • An external webcam is required for subjects that have an oral exam online.


  • Headset, which uses USB for audio, with microphone or combination microphone and speaker (important for echo cancellation)
  • USN recommends: Think about quality when you buy your headset
  • Remember, this will be your tool as an online student for several years to come

Line connection

  • Minimum requirements: 5 Mbps download, 1 Mbps upload and 60 ms packet delay (Latency)
  • It is not recommended to run wireless networks at web conferencing, but wired network connection between PC / laptop and router