What is the tuition fee and do you offer scholarships?

Tuition fees

Completing a university degree is considered to be an expensive affair and tuition fees are usually making up the bulk part of the cost. This is not the case in Norway where public funding secures free education for both Norwegian and international students.

The majority of Norwegian universities and state university colleges are publicly funded and the Norwegian government considers access to higher education for all to be an important part of the Norwegian society. 

University of South-Eastern Norway (USN) are a public institutions do not charge tuition fees. This also applies to international students, no matter which country you come from.


USN don't have any privat scholarships to provide international students. However, there are national programmes that offer scholarships and other types of funding for international students wishing to study in Norway. 

If you have more questions about Erasmus + exchange funding - please contact your local international office.