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Do you have ideas, issues or topics where you would like to have scientific research assisting you in your process?

SESAM, as a university research centre, performs contract research. This means that we perform research on topics and issues that someone is concerned about and wants to find out more about through research. It also means that we are happy to perform research along with those who ask the questions that we'll be seeking the answers to. Either our clients have their own financing to cover the costs of the research, or we seek to find that financing together. Both regionally, nationally and internationally there are several sources for research funding that we can explore jointly.

Do you want to perform research with us?

Do you have ideas, issues or topics you would like to see followed up by research? Whether you have financing to do the research or you need to find funding for it, we'll be happy to talk about the possibilities. We have good knowledge regarding various ways such research can be financed, and broad experience with it. Send us an e-mail, and we'll quickly find out if this is something we should discuss in more detail.


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