SESAM is an interdisciplinary knowledge center organized under University of South-Eastern Norway, Faculty of Health and Social Sciences. SESAM is a regionally - based, internationally competitive knowledge and research center.

Core task

  • To stimulate new and useful knowledge in an emerging field
  • To stimulate curiosity, critical reflection, and to share knowledge with our collaborative partners and the public
  • To emphasize co-creation and co-production, aming to vitalize the welfare society, with room for everyone
  • To make use of recognized scientific methods and to hold high ethical standards



Partnership and Networking

We work both in permanent and ad-hoc based partnerships, with ministries, directorates, voluntary organizations, financial institutions and social entrepreneurs in the field. We collaborate with international partners and are members of the EMES network.


SESAM both initiates and participates in praxis-oriented research projects that focus on an increased understanding of the role and functions of social entrepreneurs in the Nordic welfare state, its transformation and future. We supervise MSc and PhD students and continuously work to attain more knowledge.

Regional, National and International

Development Projects SESAM is active as an initiator and participant in innovation and development projects. In such projects, we seek to fulfill the role of a knowledge-based partner. 

Education, Dissemination and Information

SESAM contributes to social innovation in the public sector and specifically endeavors to be a knowledge bank for Norwegian municipalities. We offer postgraduate educational programs and a variety of courses. USN’s regular bachelor and master’s programs are managed outside of SESAM. 


Resent research articles