SESAM – Centre for social entrepreneurship and collaborative social innovation

SESAM is a centre for social entrepreneurship and collaborative social innovation at the University of South-Eastern Norway. The centre represents a knowledge-based environment at the national level, established to increase social innovation within the Norwegian welfare society, based on scientific research. We aim to be Norway's leading knowledge-based actor and preferred collaborative partner within our field of expertise.


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Social entrepreneurship

Social entrepreneurship actually covers two things. One is the designation of a phenomenon; a type of activity in the welfare community – the second is the term for a certain form of organized, formal enterprise.

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Collaborative social innovation

Collaborative Social Innovation

Not all forms of collaboration is what we define as collaborative social innovation. Collaboration is a collective term that covers all kinds of collaboration, while collaborative social innovation defines a certain form of collaboration. Kind of the same way as the word fruit is a collective term for all kinds of fruit, while the word apple is reserved to describe only, quite naturally, different kinds of apples.

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