What SESAM can offer

SESAM has, within its own ranks and through external collaborative partners, loads of competence that may contribute to understand and succeed with social entrepreneurship and collaborative social innovation. Competence which may enable you to get more out of the resources in your proximity. See what we can offer in regard to courses, research and practical collaboration.

Contract research

If you have topics, issues or ideas which can be useful to have a look at from a research perspective in order to produce more knowledge, or to make the right considerations and choices, then SESAM may assist you in order to achieve just that. We do contract research, either by being in on it from the start, helping to find research funding and working closely with you, or with a more traditional research approach. 

Read more about contract research here. 

Become our collaborative partner?

SESAM's work is based on cooperating with others across sectors and geographical and professional barriers. Is your organization engaged in social entrepreneurship and collaborative social innovation? Do you possess knowledge and commitment when it comes to developing and improving welfare services? Do you have ideas about how to make better use of the resources in your proximity? Or do you have challenges and need further knowledge about these things? Maybe you would like to collaborate with us? 

Read more about collaboration with SESAM here. 

Course in collaborative social innovation

For the third year running, SESAM is giving this course, which may be useful for everyone working with user involvement and cross-sectoral cooperation within the public, voluntary or private sector. The course is being held in Norwegian, and has previously been fully attended, with lots of positive feedback. More information about dates, registration and content will come soon. 

Information about the course (in Norwegian) here. 

Course in social housing innovation

SESAM, in collaboration with Husbanken (The Norwegian State Housing Bank), has created a digital course which may be useful for everyone working with social housing, or others interested in developing and improving welfare services. The course is in Norwegian, and those who take the course will have access to it for one year, managing when and in what depth they will explore the methods, models, tools and ways of working which are presented in the course. 

Information about the course (in Norwegian) here. 


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