A u-turn towards better housing

A u-turn towards better housing

Larvik municipality and The University of South-Eastern Norway (USN) have tried out a new way of helping economically disadvantaged families in order to improve their housing situations.

In the project "En u-sving til bedre bolig" (A u-turn towards better housing), families with lasting economic challenges were invited to join a group process to raise their awareness regarding their own values and strategies when faced with their challenges in life. The families' challenging housing situations were emphasized in the group process. 

Meanwhile, service providers from NAV, Larvik municipality and Frivilligsentralen ("The Volunteer Central") came together to reflect upon their own practice, and to develop a new improved practice based on their own ideas and experiences. 

There's more information (in Norwegian) showing results from, and execution of the project, along with tools and advice associated with the process at Veiviseren.no.


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