About – Research into educational resources and didactics


USN’s focus on research into educational resources and didactics has the following main objectives:

  • to develop a general and subject-specific educational resource didactic for use in schools and teacher training programmes
  • to develop and disseminate knowledge of the significance of educational resources for learning, teaching and the school institution

Currently, the focus area operates with two projects: Exploring Nordic Education and the Practical Exegesis of Educational Resources, as part of which USN is collaborating with the Danish project læremiddel.dk and teacher training programmes at the University of Uppsala. This area of focus is also intended to be the basis for the development of a more expansive regional, national and international research programme.

The focus on educational resource didactics will utilise the teaching practice fields as its hub, and will aim to develop an understanding of how educational resources can shape critical consciousness and encourage democratic citizenship, as well as promote teachers’ abilities to select, assess and organise educational resources in practice.


The area of focus on research into education resources and didactics is an initiative developed by the Educational Resources Research Group and has been approved as such at the Faculty for Humanities, Sports and Educational Science for the period 2019 to 2022.

The area of focus is headed by a dedicated project group that reports directly to a steering committee consisting of a Vice-Dean of Research, and the respective heads of the Department of Cultural Studies, Religion and Social Sciences, and the Department of Languages and Literature Studies.