Area of focus: Research into educational resources and didactics

USN’s focus on research into educational resources and didactics has the following main objectives:

  • to develop a general and subject-specific educational resource didactic for use in schools and teacher training programmes
  • to develop and disseminate knowledge of the significance of educational resources for learning, teaching and the school institution.

Currently, the focus area operates with two projects: Exploring Nordic Education and Practical Exegesis of Educational Resources.

Our projects

Lærerstudent Syver Bråten sammen med to elever

Exploring Nordic Education

The project “Exploring Nordic Education” looks into the historical circumstances of the educational resource situation in Norway and the other Nordic countries.

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Student i klasse - praksis på Ringshaug ungdomsskole.

Practical Exegesis of Educational Resources

How do educational resources influence practice, and how does practice influence resources? The project “Practical Exegesis of Educational Resources” aims to evaluate and establish a set of terms to define the relationship between the subject-related and didactic potential inherent in educational resources, and how these utilised in specific learning and teaching situations.

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