Information about the war in Ukraine

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Ukraine is invaded by the Russian Federation. USN stand with the European University Association, and strongly condemn this aggression.

- The invation of Ukraine by the Russian federation is a blatent violation of international law. USN, together with other Norwegian and European universities, strongly condemn this agression, says rector Petter Aasen. 

Norwegian universities condemn Russia's invation of Ukraine. 

There is currently no USN students of staff in Ukraine, but several international students i Norway from Ukraine, Russia and Belarus. 

Do you need someone to talk to?

The whole world is affected by the events in Ukraine now.

We would like to remind you that student chaplains Pernille Astrup and Kristian Gotehus Køhn, and SSN's Mental Health Service are available to you who feel the need to talk to someone about what is happening.

Pernille can be reached on telephone 474 01 110, and Kristian on telephone 900 74 770.

SSN Health is open Monday to Friday. You can book appointments online:

If you do not have a Norwegian social security number or telephone number, kindly contact Kristin Maute (kristin. 00 84 50). She will arrange an appointment for you.