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  • 9th Nordic Conference on Adult Education and Learning

9th Nordic Conference on Adult Education and Learning

USN skal være et entreprenørielt universitet

This years topic will be "Becoming through Adult Education and Learning". The conference was scheduled to take place in May 2021, but is postponed to May 2022.

18 May

Practical information

  • Date: 18. May 2022 - 20. May 2022
  • Time: All day
  • Location: Vestfold, University of South-Eastern Norway, Campus Vestfold and Quality Hotel Tønsberg.

  • Submissions: Abstracts, papers, symposiums, round table and posters.

    The official conference language is English. Abstract are processed and performed in English: 400 words. Papers: approximately 8-10 pages, including references.

    Conference abstracts and papers are peer reviewed with the purpose of publishing.

    keyboard_backspace Call for papers

    Fees: Self-cost for participants. Contributions and support by partners and organizations for eg. Keynote speakers.

    Registration: Registration will open mid. 2021.

The forthcoming 9th NAEL: Becoming through Adult Education and Learning comes at a critical time as the Nordic countries and the world is strengthening its effort to meet new ways for adults to become through Education and Learning in changing and unexpected ways. The conference will propel much needed science-based innovative engagement aimed at becoming through Adult Education and Learning. The conference will make space and include openings for a wide range of Adult Education and Learning topics. The three-day conference will include meeting points for institutions, organizations, work life and NGO's.


University of South-Eastern Norway in collaboration with NTNU and Nordic Universities, organizations, work life and NGO offers new samhandling possibilities in Adult Education and Learning that will sharpen future starting points and research potential, skills and give participants knowledge and methods as well as future tools to deepen your understanding of, Adult Education and Learning. As well as introduction to new way of thinking critical within the fields of new innovative directions.

Registration is expected soon to be opened. Participants are highly encouraged to enroll in multiple ways with symposium, paper, workshops and posters. Register quickly to reserve your spot!

Tentative programme

Date and themes Programme

May 18, 2022

Becoming though Vocational and Higher Education.


  • Conference starter: Lunch
  • Conference Opening: Welcome to USN
  • Conference Keynote speakers
  • Break
  • Paper presentations
  • Symposiums
  • Tønsberg: Walk a Viking town and be introduced to Norway's oldest town. Facilitated by USN Associated (Viking Age) Professor Bjørn Bandlien
  • Dinner at Quality Hotel

May 19, 2022

Becoming through work life, learning and education

Future learning, work life and education.  


  • Breakfast
  • Conference/Keynote speaker/Workshops
  • Break
  • USN: Campus Vestfold, lunch
  • Conference Keynote Speakers Network
  • Åsgårdstrand: Munchs Town (?)
  • Conference dinner at Quality Hotel

May 20, 2022

Becoming through mobility, new language, and the unforeseen.

Organization. NGO's.

  • Breakfast
  • Conference Keynote Network
  • Organizations and NGO's
  • Conference closer: Lunch

17 May 2022


Experience Norway on 17 of May, our constitution day!

The visit to this conference is an exciting possibility to experience 17th of May celebration in the capital city Oslo or in Tønsberg 1150 year old town.



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