Kathrine Bordevich

Doctoral Research Fellow

Faculty of Humanities, Sports and Educational Science
Department of Educational Science
Campus Porsgrunn (D-2107)
Kathrine Bordevich is a University lecturer in special education, with a particular focus on mental health children and young people, relationship, drop-out, challenges with mathematics and sensory losses. Kathrine has a background from the Psychological Educational Service, teacher and has work with children and adults with physical and mental disabilities. She started at NTNU in 1996, and currently works in further education, BA and Master in Spes.ped. Kathrine participates in the research group "Upbringing and Education", as well as the longitudinal research project "Youth, implementation and school interruption in Telemark" (UngSA) and the development project Marginalisation and Co-created Education (MaCE), an Erasmus + project.


  • Course responsibilities Special pedagogy
  • Supervisor BA and Master's students, with their theses


2020 Phd. course; Literature Management and Scientific Communication (USN)

2020 Phd. course; Culture theory (USN) 

2019 Phd. course; Narrative methods in child and youth science (NTNU) 

2018 Phd. course; Culture Education (USN) 

2017 Phd. course; Science Theory, Research Ethics and Research Methodology (HSN) 

2016 Phd. course; Child and youth culture, participation and democracy (HSN) 

2016 - 2020 Nordic Masters in Vision Education and Rehabilitation, (University of Gothenburg and USN) 120 ECTS

2008 Macroeconomics (Høgskolen i innland) 

2007 Cand. Polit. Psychology, (NTNU) 120 ECTS 

2002 Can.mag. Psychology (with a subject pedagogy, sociology), (NTNU) 260 ECTS


2017 - 2033 Project co-worker in "Youth, implementation and school interruption in Telemark" (UngSA) a 20-year qualitative longitudinal research work on drop-out using ethnographic narrative interview method. Funded by USN and FARGE funds.

2017 - 2020 Project co-worker in the development project Marginalisation and Co-created Education (MaCE) in collaboration with England (University in Cumbria) and Denmark (VIA). The project is an Emasmus plus project.

2019 - 2023 Member of the board of the Eikholt Foundation, National Center for Deafblind, User Representative, Drammen

2018 - 2019 Deputy the interdisciplinary research group "Upbringing and education". The group consists of members from health sciences, social sciences and pedagogy. The current focus is on youth.

2018 - 2019 Mobility Therapist for People with Impaired Vision / Blindness (University of Gothenburg)

2006 - 2018 Psychological advisor in PPT Færder municipality

2012 - 2014 Member of PALS Resource Team, Vestskogen School, Færder municipality

2008 - 2009 Career test, created in collaboration with a fellow worker at HIVE, on order from study guide.no (The aim was to help young people, associating the profession's interests and skills (Holland's theories) to different personality traits (The Big Five) against a guidance of different occupational choices. In Norwegian; Career tests; https://www.facebook.com/Karrieretesten/

2006 - 2007 Environmental therapist and persoling assistant to a multifunctional girl with MLD, a progressive disease, Horten municipality

2000- Teacher in Årvoll children and secondary school (from 1st - 9th grade), Oslo 

1996-2006- Environmental therapist, Kongeveien dagenter, Horten municipality. Day center for 35 adults with mental and physical disabilities

1998-2005- Environmental therapist, Basebamanningen, Horten municipality. Appartments for 20 adults with easily mental disabled disabillities

Test Expertise; Expertise within the field of special educational work; ability mapping (WISC, WAIS), memory, behavior and concentration mapping (Våletesten, Brown, BREIF, SDQ, ASQ, VOT, ASEBA, CBCL, ADDES, 5-15, CVI), mathematics mapping (Adler, LOC, Ostad, Myhre, Alle teller, MIO, Tegne-regne-prøven, Lunde), reading and writing mapping (STAS, Arbeidsprøven, Carlsten, God leseutvikling) and language mapping; (Språk 6-16, Språk 5-6, 20 spørsmål, TRAS, TROG, Alle med).


Moshuus, G. H, Ask, T. S., Bordevich, K, Bunting, M., Gulløy, E., Halvorsen, T. A., Svenni, T. W., Tjelta, T. (2019). Inaktive ungdommer - en av vår tids største utfordringer. Sluttrapport (2015 – 2018). Porsgrunn/Oslo: FARVE-Fondet, NAV, Kunnskapsavdelingen, 67 s. 

Bordevich, K. & Brekke ValenGulseth, S. (2019). Anerkjennelse i skolesamfunnet. I; The Journal of Youth Voices in Education: Methods Theory Practice,1(2), pp. 21-32. http://ojs.cumbria.ac.uk/index.php/Youth/article/view/587/679

Bordevich, K. & Fredriksson Paulsen, R. (2019). Det hadde vel vært bedre da om jeg hadde hatt venner: en kvalitativ studie av ungdoms vennskaps og medelev relasjoner i skolesamfunnet. I; The Journal of Youth Voices in Education: Methods Theory Practice,1(2), pp. 41-51. http://ojs.cumbria.ac.uk/index.php/Youth/article/view/584/677

Bordevich, K., Vardheim, I., Gulløy, E. og Bunting, M. (2018). Nye perspektiver på mobbing. I  Aase, K. N., Kristiansen, R., Vardheim, I., Bentsen, A., Gulløy, E., Bordevich, K., Bunting, M. & Krane, V. (2018). I; Ung i Telemark 2018. Skien: Telemark fylkeskommune/Kompetansesenter rus – region sør. s.100-110. https://www.telemark.no/Media/Files/Folkehelse/Materiell-fra-Folkehelse/Rapport-Ung-i-Telemark-2018