Sigrunn Tvedten

Assistant Professor

School of Business
Department of Business, History and Social Sciences
Campus Vestfold (C3-90)
I am working as an assistant professor in sociology, mainly teaching at bachelor courses in sociology. My research interests are social inclusion/exclusion, sociology of education and educational governance. I am also a phd-student in sociology at the Norwegian University of Technology and Science (NTNU), currently working on a thesis concerning how the OECD is approaching the concept of equity in education, focussing on the analyses of equity in PISA-reports. I am also participating in the research project 'Childhood, school and inequality in the Nordic countries' lead by professor Håkon Leiulfsrud at NTNU. An important objective of this project is to study economic, political and institutional conditions for childhood, and mechanisms of social inclusion/exclusion. More information about this project here:


- Program coordinator for Bachelor program in Sociology

- Teaching several subjects related to Marginalization, Social reserach methods, bachelor thesis and business ethics.