Trine Ørbæk


Faculty of Humanities, Sports and Educational Science
Department of Educational Science
Campus Porsgrunn (D-2111)




2011 - 2018  PhD-candidate, PhD-studies at The Norwegian School of Sport Sciences, Title: Creating dance in physical education teacher education – students’ experiences.

2011 – 2014 The Norwegian National Research School in Teacher Education. NAFOL.

1996 – 2001 Master of Art and Humanities, Performance studies, De Montfort University, Leicester, United Kingdom.

1991 – 1994 Bachelor in choreography from the National College of Ballet and Dance, Oslo, Norway.

1990 – 1991 Institut Parisien de Langue et de Civilisation Francais, language studies, Paris, France.

1989 – 1990 Romerike Folk High School – one year theater and music studies.


Other studies:

2013 Making sense of Stories. Narrative approaches in Health Sciences and Medicine. 2 stp. UIO and UiT.

2012 PhD-course PLU 8017 Communicating research. 5 stp. NTNU.

2012 PhD-course PLU 8018 Theories of professions. 5 stp. NTNU.

2012 PhD course in qualitative analysis. 10 stp. NIH.

2011 Perspectives on education. 3,5 stp. NTNU.

2005 MA-course in Culture- and genderstudies.15 stp. NTNU

2005 PED1003 Didactics. 15 stp. NTNU.

2005 PSY1050 Personal psychology.15 stp. NTNU.

2002 MET8006 Statistics and data analysis. 6 stp. BI Norwegian Business School.

2002 Media and communication. 6 stp. BI Norwegian Business School

1990 – 1991 One year dance studies at Studio PariCentre and Studio de Marais, Paris, France


Work experience

2016 – Associate Professor (PhD), Teacher education, University College of Southeast Norway

1999 - Owner. Ørbæk communication. Choreography, directing, counselling, teaching, writing, presentations.

2013 – 2016 Lardal Municipality. Head of school, kindergarden and culture. Manager of the process of developing a, leader of the local development projects: Respect (UDIR), Assessment for learning (UDIR), Ungdomstrinn i utvikling, and project leader for a new organization-model of the local library. Developed "Huldremodellen", an organization-model for Lardal Municipality.

2010-08 - 2013-08 University lecturer/PhD-student, The Norwegian School of Sport Sciences. Responsible for developing dance in physical education teacher education.

2009-09 - 2010-07 Arts manager, Larvik Municipality. Producing, coordinating and evaluating performances at Bølgen Culture House.

2006-08 - 2009-07 Lecturer in dance, Telemark County. Head of dance departement. Initiated, developed and evaluated the dance studies.

2004-01 - 2004-07 Lecturer in dance, Sør-Trøndelag County. Project manager and teacher.

2001-01 - 2003-10 Head of Stiftelsen Studio Nille, Larvik ballett school. Managing 12 teachers in dance and drama, developing 6 performances and pedagogical practices for about 520 children from 4 - 20 years. Project leader for the following development processes: "Kick Off" – a dance company for young talents in dance in the region of Vestfold, "Movement and music" – a collaboration with the regional psychiatric hospital, "Dance and girls with minority background" – in collaboration with the region of Vestfold,

2000-08 - 2001-07 Lecturer in drama, Vestfold College, teacher education.

1999-08 - 2000-07 Teacher in dance, Thor Heyerdahl Upper Secondary School.

1995-08 - 1996-07 Teacher in dance, Thor Heyerdahl Upper Secondary School.

1995-01 - 1995-07 Teacher in dance, Skien Upper Secondary School.


Teaching and pedagogical competence

2006 – 2008 Practical Pedagogical Teacher education, Program for teacher education, Norwegian University of Science and Technology.

2006-09 - 2008-06 Initiator, manager and editor for the anthology "Dance and didactics». Trondheim: Tapir.

1999-01 - 2000-12 Scholarship, The Norwegian Art Council. Developing artistic and pedagogical practices in dance.

Scholarship from Statens Nærings- og distriktsutviklingsfond (SND).


Awards, prizes, honours

2001 Awarded with scholarship for Dance Teacher of the Year, from the Norwegian Dance Artists federation.