How to install and update FlowLock Browser before digital exam

Here you will find information on how to update and install FlowLock browser on your computer. Further information can be found in the Exams section.

All students are responsible to check their computer that the FlowLock browser is updated, well in advance of the exam date.

How to check and update FlowLock:

  1. Log in to WiseFlow using Feide:
  2. In the upper right corner, click the name of the person who is logged in, then "Edit profile"
  3. Click on the System requirements-tab
  4. If you want to check that you have the latest version of the FlowLock browser, click on "Test browser" 
  5. To install the latest browser select "Download Windows version" or "Download Mac version"

More information is given by the Exams office

USN administered computers
FlowLock browser is installed manually from System center. Once installed, FlowLock will be automatically updated trough Software Center.