Access when you are off campus (SetProxy)

When you are off campus, you will have access to most of the university's websites, as long as you have internet access. However, there are some exceptions, and for these exceptions, there is a solution called Proxy.

When you are off campus, but connected to the internet (e.g. from home) you have essentially seamless access to all the university's IT services in the same way as if you were located on campus, like your files stored at USN's network share, email, and more.

However, services provided centrally, such as SAP, Agora (FS, Agresso, Public360), etc., require that something called proxy is turned on. It is recommended to have Proxy turned on only when using these services.

How to turn it on

Proxy is an on / off switch found through the "SetProxy" icon in the Windows Start menu:

Remember to turn off Proxy when done by selecting the "SetProxy" icon again. It can cause errors in regular Internet access.