Speak Up

If we are to improve our services and provide a good and safe working and learning environment, we need you to speak up. This could concern issues relating to teaching, faults or defects in rooms/equipment or injuries and accidents, or if you have experienced bullying or suspect harassment, discrimination and other censurable conditions. HSE nonconformances shall be reported to ensure a proper teaching and working environment.

You need to log in to use the forms and must therefore have a USN account if you need to speak up.

Undervisningsbok. Ikon.

Teaching, learning environment and quality of education

Speak up about issues involving teaching, the learning environment and the quality of education.

Helsekors. Ikon.

Health, safety and the environment

Report HSE nonconformances such as accidents/near-accidents, injuries to persons and damage to buildings and the environment.

Inneklima. Ikon.

Buildings, rooms and indoor climate

Speak up about physical faults and defects in rooms, furniture and air quality.

Informasjonssikkerhet. Ikon.

Information security and privacy

Speak up if you notice data or services that are not available, confidential information that is available to unauthorised persons or information that has been amended unexpectedly.

Varsling. Ikon.

Whistleblowing of censurable conditions

Speak up if you experience or suspect bullying, sexual harassment, discrimination or other censurable conditions.


If you need IT support (audio, monitors, projectors (AV), network, software, or similar) contact IT support.