Whistleblowing of censurable conditions

We recommend reading the information on this page before whistleblowing. It is also a good idea to discuss the issue with someone you trust. Employees can seek advice from a manager, safety representative or elected representative before whistleblowing. Students can seek advice from the student ombudsman, student-elected representatives or student advisers.

Read more about whistleblowing on the Norwegian Labour Inspection Authority’s website (Norwegian only).

Whistleblowing is reporting breaches of:

  • Acts and regulations
  • Ethical standards
  • Serious conditions that could harm students, employees, the university or society at large

Censurable conditions may be:

  • Bullying or suspected harassment
  • Sexual harassment
  • Discrimination
  • Negative culture / "cheating and wangling"
  • Unethical actions and violations of code of conduct
  • Suspected corruption and economic crime
  • Breach of duty of confidentiality
  • Violation of laws and regulations
  • Other

Pursuant to the Working Environment Act chapter 2-A, employees are entitled and, in some cases obliged, to report censurable conditions at USN. Under the Working Environment Act, employees are obliged to report if there is a risk to life and health or suspected discrimination or harassment.

There will always be different opinions about decisions and resolutions made, whether these relate to budget allocations, recruitment, professional priorities or decisions based on acts and regulations. Expressing such disagreement is not classified as whistleblowing. Whistleblowing is a collective term, and each issue differs so that the way they are processed, and the conclusions will differ.

Whistleblowing form

It is safe to whistleblow via an online form. The online form is encrypted and sent directly to a closed case processing system. The case is treated confidentially by employees who have a duty of confidentiality both during processing, and after the case has been closed.

Whistleblowing of censurable conditions

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Anonymous whistleblowing

If you wish to whistleblow anonymously, you can do so here. It is important to provide as much specific information as possible, as USN is not able to obtain more information about the case. Please note that with anonymous whistleblowing, it can be difficult to investigate the matter further.

Anonymous whistleblowing form

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