• Coronavirus

    Our campuses are open for students and staff as long as you follow the guidelines set by the Norwegian health authorities (FHI). There will be a combination of digital- and on-campus teaching this semester.

    Guidelines in connection with Covid–19

Full degree programs taught in English

When to apply:

  1. Admission is once a year and the semester starts in August.
  2. The application portal opens October 1st.
  3. The application deadlines are:
    • December 1st: Applicants with citizenship and education outside EU/EEA
    • March 1st: Applicants with citizenship AND/OR education from EU/EEA

      Applicants that live in Norway on a student visa are recommended to apply as an international applicant within March 1st. Please read important information.
  4. If your deadline is December 1st or March 1st you will receive the result of your application April 25th.
    • When the results are ready you will be notified through your registered e-mail address. You will then be able to see the results of your application in USN's application portal. If you are offered admissions to a study programme, you will be given a short deadline to respond.
    • If you didn't get an offer, you can say yes to the offer to be put on the waiting list. In May we will ONLY contact the applicants that get an offer from the waiting list.

Please note that the date of results can be changed.

MSc Smart Systems Integrated Solutions deadline January 10th



If you live in Norway and apply with your Norwegian ID number in the webportal for Norwegian applicants, the results of the application will be in the end of May and you will only get the same information and letters as the Norwegian applicants.

This means that if you need a VISA, you should apply as an international student before December 1st. You will then receive an earlier response and also get a letter of offer to be used in the visa application. You may only have one active application.

Please note that international applicants with a master degree from Norway may have problems getting a new visa for a new master.

Applicants with a bachelor from outside the Nordic countries will be ranked in the same quota.


How to apply:

  1. Please check that you have the required academic background for the programme you want to apply to.
    • Please thoroughly research prospective programmes and their specific admission requirements.
    • We do not give advance reviews that states if you are qualified or not.
    • You can apply to one study program.
  2. Do you meet our English language requirements?
  3. Required documentation 
    • All documents must be uploaded to the online application portal.
    • You do not need to send any documents by post, however, for certain countries, we require that specific documents are sent directly from the issuing institution. Please see if you find your country on the list. 
    • We do not give conditional offers to international applicants from outside EU/EEA. This means that you must have fulfilled your bachelor degree before getting admission. 
  4. Apply online through Søknadsweb.
  5. Please read all the information regarding cost and VISA
  6. Here you can find other important questions and answers for international students