Norpart Palestine Early Childhood Education

Picture of the mebers in the project.

This project develops the field of early childhood education (year 4-11) through capacity building in universities and communities, research and mobilty.


Education is considered a cornerstone for a healthy development and life-long learning. In Palestine, many children live under occupation and daily threats. Developing systemic and sustainable competence in pedagogy can have impact both in local, national and international contexts. The overall objective in the Norpart Palestine project is therefore to develop teaching, mobility and collaborative research in teacher education for Early Childhood Education and Elementary school (year 4-9) in Palestine and in Norway.

The project “Developing Pedagogy for Early Childhood Education in Palestine and Norway” is a DIKU-sponsored cooperation project between University of South-Eastern Norway, Hebron University and Islamic University of Gaza.

Both Palestinian and Norwegian teacher educations need updated international understanding of pedagogy for early elementary years and improved knowledge and skills related to education in conflict areas. It is also necessary to establish a sustainable educational program taking in the global challenges related to early childhood development, pedagogical leadership, human rights and democracy, sustainable development, and to special needs of children’s health and life mastery.

The overall objective will be reached by actions on three areas: education, mobility and research. The project are organized in 7 work packages: 1) Development of a MSc in Pedagogy at IUG and HU, 2) Accreditation process of this new MSc in Palestine, 3) Capacity building in teacher education - incl. developing credit-based courses in teaching various subjects/topics like; pedagogical leadership, human rights and democracy education, education for sustainable development, and education for special needs, health and life mastery 4) Mobility program for students and staff, 5) Establishing a sustainable exchange program through Erasmus+, 6) Establishment of international comparative research groups on relevant topics and 7) Project coordination and management.

International coordination team

The main coordinator Dr. Ingrid Reite Christensen coordinate this project together with Dr. Nazmi Al-Masri from Islamic University of Gaza and Dr. Sami Adwan from Hebron University.

USN co-coordinators are Dr. Sesilie Smørholm, Mina Boldermo Eriksen and Dr.Anne-Trine Kjørholt.

The international coordination team consists of Dr. Ibrahim Al-Astal, Dr. Sanaa Abou-Dagga (coordinator of New MA at Islamic University of Gaza, Dr. Manal Abu-Monshar (coordinator of New MA at Hebron University), Sharehan Masri (Gaza)

Team members:

Dean Kamal Makhamreh (Hebron), Dr. Hatem Abdeen (Hebron), Dr. Ibrahim Masri (Hebron), Dr. Mohammed Ajwa (Hebron), Dr. Somaya Sayma (Gaza), Dr. Basel El Khodary (Gaza), Shawqi Raji (Hebron), Karin Hognestad (USN), Mona Nicolaysen (USN), Marie Skeie (USN)


 The Norpart project has close collaboration with SEBUTI (Center for kindergarten research, development and innovation).

The project builds on long-lasting relations and numerous projects within development and research between USN (Øyvind Wistrøm), IUG and HU.


Read more about the project in this article (in Norwegian).


The project has three active research groups across the three universities:

Inclusive education and psychosocial support

Dr. Ingrid Christensen, Dr. Basel El-Khodary, Dr. Sanaa Abou-Dagga, Dr. Shawqi Raji , Susan Lyden, Dr. and Ibrahim Al Masri and Dr. Mohammad A.M. Ajwa


Kindergarten leadership

Dr. Karin Hognestad, Dr. Marit Bøe, Dr. Sami Adwan, Dr. Somaya M. Sayma


Didactics and curriculum innovation

Mona Nicolaysen, Marie Skeie, Dr. Ibrahim Al Astal, Dr. Manal Abu-Monshar, Mina Boldermo Eriksen