Orientation week programme, campus Rauland

Semester start at campus Rauland in 2018

Currently, there are no new exchange students coming to Campus Rauland in January 2020. The programme for August 2019 is posted below and there will likely be a similar orientation week next August.

Sunday, August 18th

12:00-15:00 Open Sunday

  • 14:00 Guided tour on campus with student buddies
  • Free buns and coffee

Monday, August 19th

  • 09:00 Joint meeting in the Myllarsal
  • 12:00-13:00 Official opening of the student year
    • Concert with "Trio Mediæval"
    • Speeches by the rector, mayor and representatives from the student democracy

Tuesday, August 20th

  • 10:00-15:00 Class room teaching
  • 19:00 Soup and concert in Årestoga

Wednesday, August 21st

  • 10:00 Class room teaching
  • 14:00 “The school hour”
  • 20:00 Concert with Lars-Ingar Meyer Fjeld and Mads Kuraas in "Årestoga"
    • Tickets kr 250,- (student price kr 150,-)

Thursday, August 22nd

  • 10:00-15:00 Class room teaching
  • Pizza and Quiz night at Kafé Rauland in the evening

Friday, August 23rd

  • 09:00-15:00 Guided bus tour «Vinje rundt», an all day event supported by the municipality of Vinje.
  • Board game night at Kafé Rauland in the evening

Saturday, August 24th

  • Student night at Kafé Rauland in the evening

Each USN campus has their own Facebook group where students can post information and ask questions. Check out the campus Rauland Facebook group.

How to get to campus Rauland