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Network for interaction analysis (NIA) consists of researchers with a common interest in studying learning processes as they unfold in conversations and in interaction between humans and artifacts.

The research group NIA consists of an interdisciplinary group of researchers from pedagogy and linguistics at USN who have a common interest in studying interaction and learning processes in various institutional settings such as kindergarten, school, and higher education.

The research group has monthly data sessions where members present and analyze video data. The group also arranges doctoral courses in interaction analysis and the annual conference Conversation and professional practice (CAPP) - in collaboration with the doctoral program Pedagogical Resources and Learning Processes (PEDRES).

The research group offers an arena for discussing ongoing research projects and writing, as well as planning and implementing new, joint projects. The network is particularly important in terms of supporting PhD students in the work on their research projects.

The researchers at NIA are active in kindergarten and teacher education at USN, are practice- and profession-oriented and collaborate with researchers in national, Nordic, and international research environments.