Micro- and Nanoelectromechanical Systems (MNEMS)

The research group primarily focuses on research topics related to devices and systems using micro- and nanotechnologies.

Our main research focus is using micro- and nanotechnologies for devices and process technologies to the advance of electronic sensors, actuators and systems used in industrial instrumentation, environment control, health care, maritime and oil&gas applications. Examples are: Micro energy harvesters for wireless systems, micro energy storage devices and wireless power transfer. Ultrasound solutions for health care, RF acoustic sensors and resonators including Bulk Acoustic Wave (BAW) resonators, Thin Film Bulk Wave Acoustic Resonators (FBAR) and Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) sensors. Micro/nano featured electrode for bio-electrochemical systems, cryogenic optoelectronic packaging, non-invasive blood glucose sensors, carbon dioxide blood gas sensors and humidity sensors in buildings. Optics for laser projectors, mobile phone camera lenses, statistical optics phenomenon in coherent imaging, efficient materials for solid-state lighting, semiconductor lasers and devices for extreme high frequency (Terahertz) applications.

The group contributes to teaching and supervision activities for the USN bachelor-, master- and PhD programs within micro- and nanotechnologies and other engineering programs. The R&D projects in the group use in-house laboratory resources of the MST-Lab at USN, the Norfab resources and laboratory resources at international partners. This means we can perform or have laboratory experiments performed with a wide range of advanced laboratory equipment, for prototype fabrication and for analysis.

We are working closely with industrial companies in our local area, and have strong collaborations with academic and industrial partners, both domestically and internationally. Our aim is to be a critical competence partner for the industry.

Projects (active)

  • RCN –SYNKNOYT COMPMIC (Computational Fourier Ptychographic microscopy)
  • RCN - FRINATEK Computational Microscopy of Porous Materials
  • RCN - PROFESJON Advanced Piezoelectric Devices
  • EU EMPIR QuADC Cryogenic Optoelectronics
  • RCN - BIA HILASE, Barco Projection Design
  • RCN - SFI CIUS (Center for Innovative Ultrasound Solutions)
  • Oslofjord preproject - AlN SAW
  • SIU NFR InCoNUS International Exchange
  • NFR FORNY Supercapacitors

Projects (completed)

  • NFR - ENERGIX Integrated Micro Power Harvesters
  • NFR - BIA Beat The Human Eye
  • Innovation Norway – Sensocure Multisensor unit

Post Docs

On-going PhD projects

Ultrasound applications

Optics and Photonics

Energy storage and harvesting

Piezoelectric devices


Networks and Partners

Academic networks

  • University of Oslo
  • Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU)
  • Norwegian Institute of Metrology (Justervesenet) 
  • University of Southern California
  • University of Illinois
  • UC Berkeley
  • KTH, Stockholm
  • EPFL, Lausanne
  • Uppsala University
  • Chalmers institute of Technology
  • PTB, Germany
  • TU Ilmenau, Germany
  • NPL, UK
  • VTT, Finland
  • INSA Lyon, France
  • ESIEE, Paris
  • Shanxi University, China
  • Taiyuan Un of Technology, China

Industrial collaborations

  • Kongsberg Norspace AS
  • Sensocure
  • Memscap
  • Polight
  • Aiwell
  • Barco Projection Design
  • Kongsberg Maritime
  • Unilabs
  • GE Vingmed Ultrasound
  • GE Parallel Design SA
  • Phoenix Solutions
  • ELKEM Silicon Materials