MicroNano: Micro- and Nanoelectromechanical Systems

The MicroNano research group primarily focuses on research topics related to applications using advanced micro- and nanotechnologies.

Our main research focus is using micro- and nanotechnologies for devices and prosess technologies to the advance of electronic sensors, actuators and systems used in industrial instrumentation, environment control, health care, maritime and oil&gas applications; Examples are: Micro energy harvesters for wireless systems, micro energy storage devices, Micro/nano teatured electrode for bio-electrochemical systems, cryogenic optoelectronic packaging, non-invasive blood glucose sensors, carbon dioxide blood gas sensors, humidity sensors in buildings and terahertz imaging and spectroscopy.

The group contributes to teaching and supervision activities for the HSN bachelor-, master- and PhD programmes within micro- and nanotechnologies. The R&D projects in the group use in-house laboratory resources of the MST-Lab at HSN, the Norfab resources and laboratory resources at international partners. This means we can perform or have laboratory experiments performed with a wide range of advanced laboratory equipment, for prototype fabrication and for analysis.


  • NFR ENERGIX Integrated Micro Power Harvesters
  • EU Cryogenic Optoelectronics
  • NFR Beat The Human Eye
  • NFR BIA Barco Projection Design

On-going PhD projects:

  • Mahmoud Ahmed Farghaly Abdelmeguid: "Design concepts for novel MEMS autofocus lenses"
  • Cuong Hung Nguyen: "Interdigital-Electrode Thin-Film Piezoelectric Microactuators"
  • Binh Duc Truong: "Approaching theoretical power bounds for vibration energy harvesters"
  • Bjørnar Karlsen: "Design of optically controlled AC Josephson arrays and voltage dividers for high precision voltage metrology"
  • Yingge Wang: “Nano featured electrode for high energy density supercapacitors”
  • Xiao Fan: ”Nano composite material for Supercapacitor of high energy density”
  • Chengjun Yu: ”Low dimensional material for Supercapacitors with improved energy density”  
  • Laxma Reddy Billa: “MEMS vacuum device for Thz technology”
  • Ahmet Burak Cunbul: “Novel optical engines for UHD, 4K DMD laser/phosphor projectors”
  • Postdoc Mustafa H. Balci: “Phosphor material for laser projection”

Networks and Partners

Academic networks:

  • University of Oslo
  • Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU)
  • Norwegian Institute of Metrology (Justervesenet) 
  • University of Southern California
  • University of Illinois
  • UC Berkeley
  • KTH, Stockholm
  • Uppsala University
  • Chalmers institute of Technology
  • PTB, Germany
  • TU Ilmenau, Germany
  • NPL, UK
  • VTT, Finland
  • INSA Lyon, France
  • ESIEE, Paris
  • Shanxi University, China
  • Taiyuan Un of Technology, China

Industrial collaborations:

  • Kongsberg Norspace AS
  • Sensocure
  • Memscap
  • Polight
  • Aiwell
  • Barco Projection Design
  • Kongsberg Maritime
  • Kongsberg Norspace