PhD Courses in Culture Studies

Below is a listing of elective courses, as well as those previously on offer, in the PhD program in Culture Studies. A minimum number of participants is required to ensure that a course will be given.

If you are looking for a course given in Norwegian, please consult our pages in Norwegian

Upcoming elective courses in English


Culture, Sport and Society (10 ECTS)

9-13 April 2018

Arts-based Research in Education and Culture – co-organized with PEDRES (5 ECTS) 9-13 April 2018


Previously organized elective courses in English


Arts-based Research in Education and Culture - co-organized with PEDRES (5 ECTS)


Culture as an Instrument – co-organized with the University of Jyväskylä in connection with the 8th Nordic Conference on Cultural Policy Research in Helsinki, Finland (5 ECTS)


Traditions and transformations in sustainability of rural communities: Balancing Living Culture and Nature – in connection with The North Atlantic Forum to be held in Bø, Norway (5 ECTS).


Visual and multi-sensory methods (5 ECTS)


Body-based practices (10 ECTS)

2015/16, 2013

Culture, Sport and society (10 ECTS)


Developments in international cultural policy (10 ECTS)


Navigating various knowledge landscapes 1 (3,5 ECTS)

Navigating various knowledge landscapes 2 (7.5 ECTS)



Previously organized required courses in English


Theory of Science (7.5 ECTS)

2016, 2017

Theories of Culture (7.5 ECTS) – co-organized with PEDRES (5 ECTS)

2016, 2017