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The PhD programme in Ecology at USN is focused on correlations between different environmental impacts. What does that mean?

Researching correlations between different environmental impacts means that we look further into the relationship between aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems, both on individual species and ecosystem levels. We do research on evolutionary processes in relation to the genetic structure and selection and human issues related to environmental impacts.

Environmental research in general, and especially national and international issues related to biodiversity and sustainable use of resources, is facing increasing challenges. The need for this research is growing all over the world and environmental research has relevance for many other disciplines. The doctoral programme in ecology focuses on interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary cooperation to meet these challenges.

Within the doctoral programme in ecology, we have highly qualified and motivated academic staff with broad national and international network. This provides you with a great number of choices when selecting topics for research.

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Duration: 3 years, fulltime
Language: English
Campus: Bø

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