Practical Exegesis of Educational Resources

Student i klasse - praksis på Ringshaug ungdomsskole.

How do educational resources influence practice, and how does practice influence resources? The project “Practical Exegesis of Educational Resources” aims to evaluate and establish a set of terms to define the relationship between the subject-related and didactic potential inherent in educational resources, and how these utilised in specific learning and teaching situations.

The project “Practical Exegesis of Educational Resources” builds on a previous project initiated by Læ, the Danish Knowledge Centre of Learning Technology. USN has launched an initiative to expand the project to incorporate teacher training programmes and teaching practice schools at USN and the University of Uppsala. During the period 2019 to 2020, pilot studies involving students, teacher training supervisors and educational resource researchers will be carried out at teaching practice schools in Norway and Sweden in the Norwegian and Swedish languages and the social sciences/history. These pilot studies will form the basis for applications for external funding for a more comprehensive project.

In addition to its empirical approach, the project aims to develop a universal educational resource terminology, categories and models that can be applied to all teacher training and school subjects.