Arrival to Norway

Here you will find useful information about what you need to be aware of when traveling to and moving to Norway for your studies.

1. Insurance

When coming to Norway you have to have a valid health insurance from your own country that will cover your expenses here. Even though it's stated that Norway has free health care, this is limited and does not apply to everyone coming here. 

  • If you are an international student who is staying for more than 6 months, you will be applicable for the National Insurance Scheme. This is a free health care insurance that means that you only pay a small fee when going to the doctor, the same as Norwegian citizens. This can however take up to 3 months, so you need to have a valid insurance from your home country that lasts the first three months you are here. 
  • The National Insurance Scheme does not cover opticians or dentist appointments. The latter is quite expensive in Norway. 
  • If you are not applicable for the National Insurance Scheme your insurance must cover you for the whole period you are here. 
  • We also strongly recommend that each student has a valid travel insurance in case of any changes to your travel plans. 
  • There are slight differences in insurance for students coming from inside the EU/EEA and those coming from countries outside the EU/EEA. 

2. Visa 

For the time being there are really strict entry requirments to Norway, please keep updated on this information at all times.

If you have any questions about student visa and coming to Norway, please check out this page. 

3. Vaccination

As of now, there has been no news from the government regarding wether or not you need to be vaccinated to be able to enter the country in August. However, we will keep the covid-19 page for international students updated in terms of vaccination in Norway. 

4. Testing & Qurantine hotels

The current regulations states that whoever enters the country needs to present a negative covid-19 test, no older than 48 hours. This is the student's own responsibility, and the cost differs from which country you are coming from.

USN will cover the quarantine hotel cost (500 NOK per night) for incoming international/exchange students. This include the room and 3 meals a day. (Minibar etc is not part of this price). Usually the quarantine time is 10 days, but you may be able to leave the hotel earlier if you are coming from certain areas and can provide negative tests on spesific days of the quarantine period. This will be updated closer to August. 
You are allowed to go out on short walks, but respect the regulations of the hotel you are staying at. 

We do not have any information on how the routine will be after the summer break, but as for now you will be walked through the airport area with your "group" and sent by bus to a designated quarantine hotel. Most likely we will have no control as to which hotel you will be sent to. 

Some people are also allowed to quarantine "at home", but keep in mind that this does not apply for students living in student housing, or who share a common area with someone else. The current regulations can be found at the government's webpages.

5. Getting to campus

Since we do not which quarantine hotel you might end up in, we cannot give spesific directions to each campus from the hotels. However, we have directions as to how to get to campus from the airports to each campus. You can also check out the arrival guide for more information and direction. Your student assistant will also be available to help guide you. 

6. Police registration

USN has arranged group appointments with the police, most of these will take place in week 34 (the week that begins on Monday the 23rd of August). If you do not attend your given appointment, you will have to find your own appointment. Please note that this can be difficult as the police is usually fully booked for months at a time. 

7: Moving with family

There are a lot of things you need to be aware of if you are taking your spouse and/or children with you when moving to Norway for your studies. 


SSN (student welfare services) are responsible for the student housing units on each campus. There are few family units available for each campus and you may risk not being able to secure one of these apartments. Please keep in mind that SSN and USN are not the same organizations, so if you have any questions, contact SSN directly.

If you are not able to get one of the family apartmens, you will have to try to get one through the private market. This can be quite difficult without a Norwegian social security number, but it is possible. Check out: and These sites are in Norwegian and can be a little tricky to naviate. You can also check out airbnb.

A lot of towns also have facebook groups for housing oppurtunities. Just type in the name of the town you are staying in (for example Drammen) and then "bolig" (housing). 

Police registration

USN will arrange group appointments with the police for the students who need to register after entering the country. These appointments are for students only.
If your spouse is also in need of a police appointment this is your own responsibility. Please note that the police have very few available appointments for spouses and family members of students, so please keep this in mind if you know your family is travelling with you.

Quarantine hotel

USN will cover the cost of their international and exchange students coming to Norway for studies starting autumn 2021. This is a cost of 5000 NOK. USN will only cover the cost of the student, not their family members.