Advanced Cognitive Systems and Data Science (ACSAD)

The vision of the research group ACSAD is to be recognized as a leading organization linking academics and business communities. The aim is to address societal issues based on interdisciplinary innovative approaches including systems engineering, cognitive applications, robotics, data science, mathematics, and management sciences. Our mission is to promote transdisciplinary research and education, by creating new knowledge, practical and innovative solutions addressing needs for different applied domain such as health, industry, energy and other sectors.

Technological advancement, growing number of data and the increased speed of computers have innovatively reshaped the ways of addressing the lifecycle of products, services and processes. 

We define Advanced Cognitive Systems and Data Sciences as the applied research arena encompassing the following disciplines:

  • AI and Machine Learning
  • Cognitive systems design
  • Big data
  • Information, Knowledge and Innovation
  • Robotics
  • Signal processing and communications
  • Applied mathematics

Industrial and Research Projects

The ACSAD’s research group members participated in numerous projects.

Ongoing projects:

  • “Identifying Network Failures in Large Network Topologies using Machine Learning” in collaboration with BlueTree AS
  • “Machine Learning for proximity sensors” In collaboration with IPR, Germany
  • “How to manage Technical Knowledge in High Tech growing SME” in collaboration with EDF, Induction

Networks and partners

The ACSAD’s research group have established strong cooperation with both at international and National universities and research Centers. In addition, collaboration with local companies has driven some interesting research area.

The members of the research group are part of a steering committee of several organizations and society promoting the innovation and the engineering science:

Academic Network

  • Institute for Intelligent Process Automation and Robotics Lab (IPR), Karlsruhe Germany
  • Seoul National University, SNU,  South Korea
  • Institute of Knowledge and Innovation Management, IKI-SEA,  Bangkok, Thailand
  • Sophia University, Tokyo University, Japan
  • Research group in Algebraic Geometry, USN
  • Research group in mathematics didactics USN

Company Network

  • Bluetree As, Oslo
  • Forum for kunstig intelligens og robotikk Norge KIRN

Research group members



Academic collaborators

  • Carlos Pfeiffer from SMART research group, USN
  • Bhuvan Unhelkhear

Master students

  • Trond Rensel
  • Thomas Årstadvold
  • Ana Luisa Antunes Dos Santos N Gaspar
  • Per Torkel Bachmann
  • Paul Knudsen

Former Master students Members

  • Badis Madani (Kongsberg Maritime)
  • Maged Helmy (Cognizant)

For more information please contact 

Aurilla Aurelie   Arntzen