PhD in pedagogical resources and learning processes in kindergarten and school

USN offers a PhD in pedagogical resources and learning processes in kindergarten and school.

The program shall:

  • Be at the forefront of knowledge on national and international research on pedagogical resources and their meaning for learning processes and outcomes in kindergarten, school and teacher education
  • Contribute to the development of theory and knowledge relevant to professional practice in kindergartens and schools
  • Contribute to the analysis, development and reform of established practices in the pedagogical field
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Professional focus

The program's profile consists of educational science and the science of text.
Pedagogical resources' refers to traditional textbooks and other materials that are utilised in education, as well as other types of resource, such as: conversations and interactions; symbols and language; forms of expression such as dance, movement, film and music; as well as teaching and assessment methods.
The concept of learning is rooted in a broad socio-cultural approach that focuses on both individual and collective learning processes and the relationships between culture, activity and learning.

Program Plan

The Program Plan examines three areas:

  • how learning resources are included in the activities taking place in kindergarten, school and teacher education
  • how these learning resources are utilised and transformed through individual and collective learning processes
  • the development, testing and analysis of pedagogical resources

Demand for people with competence on the level of associate professor is increasing. This has opened up both teaching and research positions at colleges and positions at research institutes.

Management also requires an increase of staff with research competence related to kindergarten, school and teacher education.


Vacancies are advertised on our website. Admission requires a master's degree, normally with a grade of B or better. Applicants with external funding are admitted continuously. Applications will be processed in the upcoming board meeting, normally within two to three months after submission.

Guidelines and regulations

Guidelines for seminars in PEDRES

PhD handbook

Regulations for the Degree of Philosophiae Doctor



Contact information

I you have any questions you can contact:

  • Thomas Moser (academic questions)
  • Magnus Hontvedt (academic questions)
  • Eva Maagerø (academic questions)
  • Liv-Anne Halderaker (administrative questions)

There is also a facebook group for candidates and the program committee.