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PhD in Culture Studies

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A PhD in Culture Studies will provide you with insights and greater understanding of culture and the meanings of culture.

Our ph.d. in Culture Studies aims at integrating elements from the humanities and social sciences as cultural analysis, history, art history, anthropology, history of ideas, philosophy, cultural sociology, ethnology, literature, musicology, history of religions, languages ​​and aesthetic creative and artistic subjects.

The programme is based upon a broad concept of culture - that is, cultural studies in our context means that one can study culture as related to values​​, attitudes, knowledge, behavior, social relationships, meaningful expressions, artifacts, art and aesthetic practice. Culture can be both a process and a result or a product in the form of material objects, services or activities in the community.

On an overall level, the doctoral program is described from two conceptual combinations which together constitute four major areas of application: 

  • Cultural Understanding
  • Cultural Policies
  • Cultural Production and Aestethic Practices
  • Cultural Education

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Nils Asle Bergsgard